Problem with santa cruz

repeats channel 1/2 in channel 3/4


A few days ago, my santa cruz started playing up. I’ve been able to record four channels simultaneously for the last two years without problems. Now if I connect just one input to channel 1, it is repeated in channel 3. likewise if I connect to channel 2 it is repeated in channel 4. If I connect the input to 3 or 4 I get nothing.

Anybody know what could be wrong? What could I check? Or is the card probably broken?



Don’t know nothin about the card but see if you have an option with the cards software that allows you to link two mono tracks to one stereo track. It almost sounds like that could be what’s happening.

I love Santa Claus

The no input signal from 3 or 4????? Does it have it’s own mixer and perhaps someone was dinking around with it??

Does it still do this if you have plugs (no signal) in the other channels? ADATs used to do something like this if the channels weren’t used, I don’t remember why they thought it was a good idea.



I reloaded the drivers and it works again… strange

anyway thanks