Problem with sound output


Since upgrading to 4.0.3 I’ve been having a weird problem where after anywhere from 5 minutes to 1 hour of use, during playback sound output just stops, and “clicks” at me repeatedly. After that point I can’t get any sound output except for the clicks.

Restarting N-Track makes the problem go away, but after another 5-60 minutes of use, it happens again. It doesn’t cause me to lose any work (since I can just save and restart) but it’s jolly annoying.

I have the latest drivers for my SB Audigy 2 ZS. I have also recently got a Line 6 POD XT (which installs itself as a soundcard), but the problem occurs whether I output through that or not, and even when it’s turned off.

I’m dreading a possible hardware failure, but feel it might be related to N since it seems to coincide with my upgrade to 4.0.3 (from 4.0). Also I don’t have this problem with any other apps.

Anyone else experiencing this?


Happens with my Echo cards as well. (Gina24 and Layla20). The problem use to be that it would act like it was slowing down, like what happens when the CPU usage gets really high. And yes, only exiting and restarting seems to fix it, temporarily. I’m pretty sure this is a n-Tracks specific problem.

I’ve had it kick in while doing a offline mixdown a few times. About halfway through, the mixdown just appeared to get stuck where it was. Exiting and doing the mixdown again avoided it.

I have not reported this to Flavio…vacation…but we need to. This is the actually by far the worst problem I have right now. (the memory problem I’ve mentioned a few times is not causing any major problems that I can tell…no graphic glitches on my machine for example)

It’s caused by memory fragmentation within the app, basically a manifestation of “not mopping up behind one’s self”. Nothing you can do about it. :blues:

Well, glad to know it’s not hardware (and I’m not going mad).

Let’s hope Flavio nips this one in the bud then!

Quote (MorseKode @ Jan. 06 2005,11:50)
Well, glad to know it's not hardware (and I'm not going mad).

Let's hope Flavio nips this one in the bud then!

Oh, you're prolly also going mad....let's not get too hopeful there, mkay?...... :D

At the very least then, this is not one of the causes of my impending insanity… :p

Same thing with Gina 20 here too, Phoo, have you checked out the newer Gina/Layla G3 cards yet? Just saw them in MF mag I got yesterday. Wonder if they may work any better. I gotta get a new card. Don’t know what to get.


I don’t think they would be any better at solving this particular poblem since I don’t think it’s a soundcard or driver problem. They look nice though, don’t they? :)

i have it too, a plopping sound & playback stops after xx minutes, not related to any thing you do in N-track at that moment… it goes away after 30 seconds or so but a re-start of the program (not a re-boot) is needed.