Problem with the evaluation "noise"

Hey guys, help me out here…

I’ve got the latest and greatest version and build installed on my computer here and have got it set up appropriately for my system.

I have two logons setup on my computer as well. one for normal use with internet and everything else, and another designated for music specifically where many things are turned off.

My problem is that on my “normal” login, N-track works fine. minus the issue of ASIO drivers with an Echo Product flaking out when recording a bunch of channels… but anyways…

My audio only login, will NOT stop insterting the "evaluation noise added approximately every 20 seconds"

I’ve reinstalled the program and re-registered it a few times. I’ve tried removing the fasoft compressors from the enabled effects list, and it still adds the noise. It only happens on my audio login though, my normal login doesn’t have this problem at all?

any ideas on what gives?

Ntrack does use the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\N-track key, which will be different for each login. I’m not certain what all the values in there are but at least one of them looks like it might be a reg key.

I’m surprised that re-registering didn’t sort it. Are you logged in with Admin rights on all the accounts?

Another thought - when you install N-track the installer does ask if you want to install for all users… Did you try that?

I suppose you could export the reg key from your working login and then import that key into the non-working ones. It’s easy to do.

Maybe some help…


yeah, but when I install for all users it still only updates the current login’s file. the other one isn’t updated I think.

I’ll try the regkey thing.

got it. turns out the registration codes I had for V4 unlocked n-track, but kept it in evaluation mode for some things. I looked in the registry and saw a different set of codes that I forgot Flavio gave me when my old v4 codes came up as “pirated” for the program. popped in the new set and it works fine now. :)