Problem with VST plugins

“error opening vst scan file”

I’m currently running version 4.03 of n-Track and have started getting the error message “error opening vst scan file.” When I read the scan file all of my plugins are listed but none are available to me. I had no problems with these same effects with version 3.3. Has anyone else had this problem, and more importantly does anyone know how to correct it? I contacted Flavio and he suggested I rescan my vst plugins through the Preference dialogue box. I did this and still have the problem. I appreciate any help anyone can give me.

In my limited experience, it’s usually down to one VST that’s causing the grief. The only way I’ve been able to resolve this, if I don’t already know which one is causing the problem, is to drag all the .dll’s OUT of the vst folder to a temporary folder, and then moving them back in small groups (eg 5 at a time), scanning each time, til you start having problems. Then it’s finding which VST in the last group caused the problem.

Once you’ve determined which VST… if you can’t live without it, you write to Flavio and the VST’s author and ask them nicely to find out why it doesn’t work in nTrack.

Make sure you have write permission on vstdat.dat. It might be write protected, or you might not have admin rights high enough. You can delete that file, and may should. That’s the file n-Tracks writes every time it does a scan. DX plug-ins don’t need scanning since they are registered.

Thanks archimedes and phoo. I tried both of your suggestions without success. I ended up completely uninstalling n-Track and doing a clean install. Everything seems to be working well now. Hopefully, it won’t be a recurring problem. Thanks again.