problems come in threes

Pitch and speed changes at start up

Hola again,

Thanks to everybody that gave me advice regarding the time cursor. Problem solved.

Now I’ve a new one, and since it is the second problem that I have had of late I suspect that something else will crop up soon. At any rate here is the problem. Since the begining (starting to use N-track), when I boot up my system and I open up a .sng file and play it back it plays back much faster than it should and at a higher pitch. Typically there is some crackling, the sound seems to be coming out ahead of the actuall wave file (i.e. drums starting before the time course is over the opening drum sequences) and the CPU usage is very high. Usually, at that point I close N-track and then immediately reopen it and the SAME .sng. After I do this the song plays normally. It does this everytime I reboot, but after I close N-track and reopen everything is fine. Since that has been working for me, I have no endeavored to find the root cause. However this morning my little half-assed open-close-reopen fix did not fix the problem. This of course is a bummer and I do not want to just go and start changes settings.

What say you, oh more experienced n-track users?

thanks for your insight

Check your settings for the sample frequency: 44100, 48000, etc… it sounds like you may be set to playback at a different freq than what you used to record with.

I will check that, however, I pretty sure that I am at 44.1 for both.