Problems opening recordings

can not see whole song

I am a pretty new user of this software. I think that it is great. I used the demo for a few weeks and recorded a few songs. I have purchased the 24 bit version and it works fine. The problem I am having is the songs that I recorded with the demo version only show like 8 seconds of the track when I open them. I can pull the track and see the whole song but it is a pain to do. I can not seem to find a command that does this. Is there an easy way to view the whole track? Some of them are over an hour long, I just hit record and play. Any help would be great.

Does VIEW > ZOOM > VIEW ALL get you what you want?

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No. I hope I explained this well enough. An example would be; take a track that you have recorded go to the end of the track and push the slider back to the left so you can only see a little of it. This is how my songs look when I open them. When I do a view zoom all it only zooms in on the first 8 seconds. The song is like an hour. So right now I have to pull all of the tracks to view the whole song. It is no big deal I was just thought maybe there was an easy way like the zoom all.

I might be wrong but it might be because the tracks we’re recorded on the demo version of the program?
I read both your post a few times trying to find a clue to why. But I know as many demo versions, (cakewalk and fruityloops do it) they mute out the volume every ten seconds, simple buying the licence and registration information does not fix the tracks that where recorded on the demo version.
I would say try recording a new song with the registered version, and see if you have the same trouble. ???
Anyway, when I want to zoom in on all the tracks in Ntrack I use a Maginifying glass icon at the top menu bar, with arrows that go < > ^ . If you make the tracks shorter visually you can veiw the whole hour at once, it’s a maginifying glass with a minus sign in it(or next to it depending on your version of this software.)


If you drag the end of each track so you can see the whole track and then resave your song, next time you open it up it should show the whole of each track.


It might be an issue where as… you go to “Drop-down” menue to VIEW, then, to Refresh VIEW and then Recalculate WAVEFORMS… n-Track, then redraws new .npk files, for each track, on the Time-Line…

As well, it’s good to do that every-so-often, when you’re “Editing”, in n-Track…


It seems that this is only happening with the songs I recorded using the demo. Pulling them open and saving fixes it. Thanks for your help.