Problems with Endorphin plugin - CRASH!

Every time I have a song running in Ntrack and I try to insert endorphin (either while the tracks are running or even when I stop the track and insert it) into the master channel, Ntrack automaticly crashes. Only with endorphin, no other compression plugins do this (or any plugins). Is Endorphin a CPU hog or something? I have a 2.6ghz celeron on my ntrack PC and more than ample drive space. Anyone else had problems with endophin crashing Ntrack and any ideas how to fix it? When this plugin is working it makes everything sound beautiful, I just need it to not crash 99% of the time.

I’ve used Endorphin with n and Cubase, Silver, and never had any problems with it.

Is your dll perhaps corrupt or an old version?


Endorphin is a bit of a CPU hog but it does work fin with n-Track for me.

What other plugins do you have inserted when you use it?

Have you tried just removing all other plugins and inserting Endorphin? (might be a good idea to save your .sng file as a different filename so you have a snapshot of your fx.


I agree with what Rich said, but just another thought…

Endorphin is mostly a mastering plug-in, so if you are using it for that, do you need to do your mastering in n-track?

I’ve been using SoundForge for that, and it seems a better environment for it.


I do my “mastering” in N.
I do a mix then start a new song file and load up that wav and apply compression, eq etc on the master channel.

I find N easier than a wave editor like Cool Edit Pro as I can have 3 or 4 different mixes on separate tracks and then solo each one to see what they sound like with the mastering compressor on them.

Sometimes a part that sounds fine in the pre-master mix sounds loo loud or too soft once you apply the final compression/eq.


I’ve read somewhere in the past that the digitalfishphones plugins caused problems in N. Seem to recall it may have been more to do with conflicts with other plugins that you may have.

In anycase, I know that when I trialed them, I got crashes pretty much straight away. Removed them, and bought the Kjaerhus golden compressor instead.


Yeah I think it may be endorphin not wanting to play with other VST effects I have running (reaktor session effects, kjaerhus classic series effects). When used alone on one mixdown track endorphin is fine, but if I insert anything else with it, endorphin seems to crash ntrack. ####, and it sounded so good when it was working. I may go ahead and buy that golden compressor from kjaerhus. I hear good things about it.

I haven’t heard the Golden Compressor but the Kjaerhus Classic series sounds great and is free.

I use that more than endorphin these days

Digitalfishphones will crash ntrack if any sinusweb plugs are present in the .sng.