Problems with midi output device

Every time that I use n-Track to record and playback midi and then open up another midi program (Finale 2002), I get a warning concerning my default midi output device saying that there is not enough memory available to run the task. Then midi will not work at all in the program. I am using windows xp and SB Live. Finale works fine again after I restart the computer, but it’s just a pain. Anybody out there who has had the same problem and knows how to fix it?


There is an option (in preferences - MIDI settings - MIDI devices) to keep MIDI devices open. If that is on then other apps may not be able to open the MIDI device. The error message is probably a red herring. Also, make sure that an actual MIDI device name is select as the MIDI preferred device — DON’T select MIDI MAPPER.

The same is true for other apps. If Finale grabs it first and won’t let go then n-Tracks can’t open it.

MIDI MAPPER will always be one of the other named devices. If it points to “Creative MIDI A” and the MIDI MAPPER is open then Creative MIDI A can’t be opened.

Thanks for the reply. I think I found the remedy. I’m using SBLive midi synth A in Finale and SBLive synth B in n-Track (not the MIDI mapper). I still have to shut one program down to use the other, but at least I don’t have to restart the computer anymore.


It won’t matter which one you use if either application is keeping it open the whole time. Sounds like you have an acceptable workaround though. MIDI can be a pain when this kind of thing happens, and you need it to not happen.

It’s a problem that’s not limited to MIDI. Sometimes wave devices can be exclusive. IT might help to check out those just to make sure it’s not just MIDI causing the problem.

I run into problems going between n-Tracks and my wave editor occasionally – can’t save an edited wave file. I have to do the same thing you’re having to do - exit one of the apps.