problems with the latest build

playback suddenly stops for no reason

what gives? Its worse when I have plugins going, almost seems to be a related to higher CPU usage, as if it happens when CPU usage gets too high, playback just stops.

I had to update the NET framework before I could install the latest build… I saw a topic a few pages back that described a similar problem while using VST plugs and NET framework 2.0 beta, but I’m on 1.1 so I don’t think its a problem with the NET framework…

any ideas? Any other known issues with this build?

I gotta say that its pretty #### frustrating when there is a new set of problems to troubleshoot every time you upgrade.

From the downloads page…

Version 4.1 requires the Microsoft .Net runtime v2.0 Windows component

I have the latest build. No problems here… ???


DOH!! </homer simpson>

thats probably it… now I’m concerned I’m gonna have to uninstall v1.1 though, and that looked complicated.

no you should not have to uninstall 1.1. you can install the 2.0 beta and it exists as a seperate resource for applications to use.

well, Its still not working. I think I may have been on 2.0 already…

I don’t think it will install if 2.0 is not on the machine. This sounds like a bad-plug-in problem.

got it… it switched the default driver setting on me. thanks guys.

Quote (TelevisionFission @ Oct. 29 2005,19:16)
got it... it switched the default driver setting on me. thanks guys.

Cool. Sometimes that happens with a new install. I wonder if it's an n-Track thing, or a driver thing? Use to happen all the time with my onboard sound. Now, with the EMU, when I choose "Keep Current config" when I install new builds, the settings stay. ???