Problems with Vst Instruments

Can’t “re-open” them


i love my N-Track (16 bit, version 3.3), but there’s one “problem”.

I always program my drumtracks in N-Track’s Piano roll and use the NS Kit to convert the midi data into wav. But when i close the sfz vst plugin (which is needed to use the NS Kit samples) i cannot open it again. So if i want to change something in the plugin, i always have to open a new vst instruments channel, but the old one still exists.

My question: Is it possible to open a closed plugin, or to remove a plugin from the midi tracks “output to” properties?


Open the n-Track mixer. There should be a Synth channel for each virtual instrument you are using with that virtual instrument listed in the insert window. Locate the Synth channel for sfz and double click on it’s listing in the insert window. This will bring back sfz’s interface for you to make adjustments.
If you wish to remove a Synth channel, you can click the title bar for that channel and select “Delete channel”.

Hello again,

thanks for your help crankz! You saved my day!