problems with vst instruments

hello, I’ve a big problem with some vst and dxi instrument.I installed hardcore bass(eastwest),edirol orchestral and vst ppgwave (steinberg )in the n-track’s vst folder.then I open N-track,I insert a midi track,then i open the vst or dxi instrument,but when I open the instrument the windows appears one second then it hides!!why?!what can I do?thanks :O

I’ve never used these VSTs but if you try and open up the GUI from the instance of the VST in the n-Track mixer does it open and stay open?

Do other VST’s stay open ok? - If so it may just be a problem with those VSTs…

I’ve never had that problem with other fx. Once I add on it will stay open unless I close the GUI

are you placing the vsti IN the midi channel? if so, it goes in a separate AUDIO track, and is ONLY controlled by the midi track. That may be your problem, it’s trying to open and realizes it’s not in the right spot.

just create both a midi and audio track. place the vsti in the audio track’s effects, then on the midi track, change the output to the vsti. voila.

thanks boys,I resolved my problem…i try to reinstall N-track and now all became ok thanks!bye