Problems with WDM and ASIO drivers

getting the “not registered” sound

I have n-Track registered, but when I try to use WDM or ASIO drivers instead of the MME drivers, I get the “not registered” MIDI sound every 20 sec. I’ve tried unregistering the program and re-registering, but that didn’t do it. I even uninstalled my soundcard’s drivers and reinstalled them. No luck. Has this happened to anyone else? I had no luck in any of my searches.

I’m using version 4.2.1 of n-Track and the latest drivers for my soundcard (M-Audio Revolution 7.1 :( )

Sounds like the 16 bit version of n-Tracks is registered and the output is set to 24 bits (it’s valid to do that, but 24 bits is still in demo mode). Or, you may have been sent the wrong set of reg codes if that isn’t the case. E-mail Flavio if that’s the case (you are supposed to have the 24 bit codes). This has happened ocassionally even with the correct codes, so email may still be in order. I had that problem once with V4 myself.

Ah, yea, I forgot about that. Thanks!