Procedure for posting mp3's?

This must be an obvious one, but- how does one go about posting a song (mp3) here? I have a live recording of a jazz trio I’ve until recently been playing in, and I thought it’d be fun to post it. I “mixed” and converted it in n-Track…

Gotta have a hard link to post…upload to a site then post the link here…

If you need some space to upload your mp3’s to there are quite a few free sites.

One bit of advice… try and choose one that does NOT require listeners to register on the site to listen to download your songs…
I will often click on a link and will just close the browser if it forces me to register (ie provide an email address) before listening.

Some that don’t require listeners to register are:

The last one isn’t technically a place to upload/showcase your song but you can put an mp3 in your FTP space and then provide a link to that.

I use and find it really good excep that sometimes it can take a couple of days for your songs to become available as they check each mp3 uploaded to make sure you are not violating copyright and that if it contains offensive language you have indicated that etc.

There is no limit to the number of songs you can host there though.
Also the statistics page is good

I use artist collaboration to put rough mixes up or for collaborations


I knew about some of these. This world of internet communication is daunting to me at times, so many file types and rules. Gets wierd- not used to the cutting edge lifestyle! It’s like learning to drive through a network of highway, from inside your house. Starting to feel like less of a cripple though…
Anyway, I got it now, thanks! You all and this forum have been very helpful, I’m much obliged.

Hi is my site, and you’re very welcome to upload your tracks there.
Hopefully, registration and the upload procedure is pretty straightforward, but if you need any help, just ask :)


I use
However, they are know to have outages.