Program Locks Up on Me

Technical Problem

I’ve been using N-tracks for a few years now and have never had any problems until just recently

When I go to do anything even a simple recording the program with stutter and lock up on me

It is especially troublesome when recording

I have gone to some tech sites ran all the Malware and Spybot stuff and come up clean , has anyone else encountered a problem like this ?

I’m running Window XP and have tryed removing and reinstalling the program several times and also running it in earler bulids but still the same problem
I love the program but I’m about to give up

Thanks for any help anyone can offer

Try turning off your AV, or excluding wav files from what it tries to scan.

Also kill all unwanted background processes and apps.

And check out the optimisation sites for music on XP. They give some good hints.

When you reinstalled, did you keep you settings? If so, try resetting global defaults after a fresh install.