Programing track EQ

Is it possible to program the track EQ

Hello all,

I wanted to know whether it is possible to setup different EQ setups of a single track, so they would change along the track’s time line. i.e. Let say I have a guitar track. Now in the track’s EQ I can save several EQ setups. The question is, can I set them to work on different points of the track’s time line ?
Like using EQ setup ‘a’ from point 00 to point 45 and using EQ setup ‘b’ from point 45 to 60 and then to return to EQ setup ‘a’ from point 60 to the end of the track.


well you can put eq plug on each aux with diff eq setting and draw the evolution on the time line but can eat up a lot of cpu power or you can just cut the track (non-destructive) to the point where you want the eq change & assign them to diff. tracks then apply eq on each of them. the second one is the best for me though. hope this helps…

The difficulty with the first method is that really you want to EQ the “whole” sound not just part of it that gets sent to the Aux channels. I’d go with #2 too.

There are some effects that support automation. Does Flavio’s EQ?

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