PS-04 user: sync'ing perc to audio tracks?

Also - good drum plug-ins for brush work

OK - here’s my issue, and 2 questions I have:

I use the Zoom PS-04 to record, using its input effects (usu.l just guitar amp models and mic pre-amps). I export the files as WAV’s and dump them into nTrack for signal processing (reverb, delay, etc.) and mixing.
I also use the PS04’s built-in drum machine to program all my drums, exporting them as audio tracks alongside everything else.
So, when I import WAV’s to nTrack, everything is already in sync, since all the audio tracks were recorded to the PS-04’s metronome.

The PS-04’s drum kits are horribly limited. My next song needs brush work, but there’s no way to use the PS-04’s drums, and external patches can’t be imported into the unit.

So…two questions:
1. Does anyone know of a good (and free/cheap) drum kit plug-in that has nice brush sounds?

2. Anyone brainstorm a way I can record my guitars, etc. to sync with the PS-04’s metronome, but add the drumkit after the fact in nTrack and have it sync up with my audio tracks? Could I create and import a “dummy” drum track from the PS-04 (like just a basic click) and somehow sync a looping pattern to that using the plug-in drums?

Thanks in advance for any advice.


You might want to investigate Jamsticks – I think it runs around $100. It has an “effect” (for lack of a better term) that will sync the drummer to your audio if you don’t have a midi track (it’s a very cool feature). AND there are add on’s such as the brush kit.

But in thinking about your problem, I came up with a question: Why not record everything straight to N, just using the PS-04 as an effects processor? That way, you could lay down your click track in N, and completely drop the import/export thing.

Just a thought,


oops. double posted. sorry!

BillTheCat (great ID, by the way…ACK! :wink: )

I don’t have a soundcard that will handle direct recording, I’m running a Dell Inspiron 600m with the stock soundcard.

I plan to get one of the interfaces soon, and want to kill two birds with one BB and get one that takes MIDI I/O in addition to everything else.

Thanks for the advice, I will check into Jamstix!!