Public Link Suspended

How do I get IT fixed?

Hi To All:
I have web Hosting that has been “Active” for over a year. The 05th of May, to be exact.

Xanthion Web Hosting is holding my account. this is the link that should take you to the “Home Page”…

However, my public Link has been suspended/parked… I am able to access the files I have stored there but I am unable to access the page by a "Public " link access…

I am unable to get “Support” from anyone there to help me get this “FIXED”. No-one will reply to any mail I send to the address, for whatever reason… I am “Paid Up” for the next 12-month account period… My “Storage” is active, when I log on to check it’s properties…

Has this happened to any of you? by your web hosting services?

This is all something I have little expirence with… How am I gonna get this place to reply to my issues?


Hey Bill,

Did you try the live chat help link? at xanthion? The guy with the madonna headset.

There’s always the "60 Day mony back guarantee"

In the meantime you could copy your info from that site and temp. host it elsewhere. like
Also URL is available which can be linked to it. BOTH FREE.

IT may just be a matter of time before it’s up, or it could need you to put some stank on it.

keep shinin’



The information at that site is that the domain has expired. You indicated that you are “paid up” for the next 12 months but it’s possible that you are paid up just for web-hosting and not for domain renewal.

I’m not familiar with but I would assume that somewhere there you have a control panel and can access/change information pertaining to your registered domains. Check and see if you need to manual instruct them to renew your URL.

That’s all that I can think of.

Some webhosting includes the domain name – you pay per month and they own and pay for the name themselves.

According to the info, it’s owned by Xanthion Hosting through

Registered through:, Inc. (
Domain Name: WOXNERW.COM
Created on: 07-May-05
Expires on: 07-May-06
Last Updated on: 07-May-05

The one year paid up dates you have are what? You can see that the domain name was active for a year to the day.

Since you are not the owner, you should continue to get your host to handle it, but maybe someone at GoDaddy can help…don’t count on it though. It’s possible you may be able to pay the $14 or whatever it is yourself at GoDaddy.

This could be a sign that your host is having financial problems and is about to go belly up. Let’s hope it’s just an oversight and not that drastic. The fact that they are not answering email is more worrisome than the domain expiring.

Hi phoo and Bill Clark and Mark A and Guys who are interested in this Issue:
It’s too bad that I don’t possess more knowledge regarding Web Hosting and Domain Names… From the little bit that I know about all this, IT doesn’t appear that this is gonna be as easy as IT looks to resolve…

I didn’t read the “Fine Print” back in May of 2005… That being said… IT was mabey 10 years ago that I “Happened” on to this Page that discussed the development of a Domain Name… IT could very well have been… I don’t really know… Anyway, IT became WOXNERW… I remember that I have the option to Reserve or Purchase the name… Reserving the name meant that no-one could use the name, except by contacting me for the permission of It’s use… Well, that’s how I imagined IT-to-Be…

So… now comes the time that I look for a web hosting company… xanthion becomes the company… and woxnerw becomes the "Public Domain/Link…

I pay for the service and ALL works just fine for exactly ONE year… To-the-Day…

Renewal time comes and my VISA account is debited for the renewal amount without an invoice or e-mail to show the withdrawal… Now… That’s fine with me… except that the public link doesn’t work or has been suspended… I’m still trying to contact Xanthion but I’m being “Blown OFF” by any means of me trying to reach them… The real phone number is… 1-609-457-4020 I get a “Taped” message saying that My call will be returned… NO-GO… There is the no-charge number… 1-877-397-6600 But, that number is not available to me at my exchange… here…

I have one “REAL” e-mail address that I’ve received from this guy but I have received no reply from him…

My message to him, reads…

Hi Blake:

Thank you for the Return Mail and Ticket reply and E-Mail Address you sent over to me… to be able to reach you…

I’ve been trying to reach you or anyone at Xanthion hosting for some time now… All with no success.

I tried calling you at your toll free number of 1-877-397-6600… but, this number is not available to me from my exchange… Area Code 902-

I then tried to reach you at 1-609-457-4020 at least two times, if not more but with no response…

I have four support tickets raised by me at your “Support Forum” but none of them produced any response, from you, till now…

Enough said…

On the 5th of May 2006 which is my “renewal date” for the service you provide for me, has worked perfectly, I might add, went into past due and expired… ( I might add )… with no prior notice… I do have a file but I did not open/check it for the expiration date… But… however, My VISA account showed a withdrawal in the amount of $67.40 CDN, for the upcoming renewal for the next 12 month period. That date was on the 7th of May, 2006. On the 11th of May I paid the balance to my VISA Account in that amount… and… expecting that ALL was O.K. and the Service would continue as normal… However, I received some mail saying that the public address/link was suspended and no longer a “Working” link… In an attempt to “Open” that link I am directed to a “Page” that says the address is suspended awaiting “Renewal-or-Deletion”…

With-in the four support tickets that I have raised in an attempt to reach anyone at Xanthion Hosting, you will find my Intent to renew my account with your service and continue on as normal, for the next account/billing 12-month period…

However, today is the 30th of May, 2006 and my public link is still not available…

Today, I am raising the “Monumental” Question with you and asking you for a reply to this mail, “At-Your-Earliest-Convenience”…

My position is…

I have paid for the next 12-month billing period in the amount that your accounting Department has with-drawn from my VISA Account…

I want my “Public” link re-activated as-soon-as-is-possible by you, for the upcoming 12-month period…

But the question remains…

What is your position on this Matter? I am waiting for a reply from you, regarding this Mail, to You, as soon as possible…

I Remain,

I have several “Support Tickets” raised with xanthion but… no response… “Support Tickets”

I have mailed Godaddy .com on this matter and with a reply from them…

Thank you for taking the time to contact us. The registrant and owner of
the domain name WOXNERW.COM is Xanthion Hosting. For any questions about
the domain, or about any business arrangements you may have made with
Xanthion, we would recommend that you contact Xantion directly. After a
quick review of the contact information listed in the WHOIS entry for the
domain, it appears that the mailing address provided may in fact be invalid;
however, the telephone number takes you directly to Xanthion technical
support line.

Under other circumstances we might open an investigation for invalid WHOIS
information, contact the registrant, and inform them that we might cancel
the domain registration if the contact information is not updated in a
timely manner. However, we cannot do much in this case because the domain
is already expired. It looks like the best course of action may be the

1. Please attempt to contact the registrant by phone or by email.

2. If Xanthion Hosting does renew the domain, we can then open an Invalid
WHOIS investigation and get them to update their contact information.

I hope you find this information helpful; please let us know if you have any
other questions.

Robert W.
Domain Services

-----Original Message-----


Invalid Information:
Dear Sirs:
On the 07th of May 2005 I opened a web hosting account with xanthion Web
Hosting in New Jersey where I have posted links to any files and information
I have stored there. , For the past 12-month period. I paid for the
service using my VISA Account… whereas I began uploading folders and
files and posted links to them for the public-at-large… Sometime, before
the 07th of May I expected to receive a statement of renewal of the
account, wi=hich, I never did… However, My VISA Account was in debit to
the amount of a 12 month renewal amount, which I never was invoiced, for. I
paid for the renewal by a VISA deposit for the Amount on the 11th of May
2006. However, I am unable to link to the web page by any “public means”…
When IT was learned that I couldn’t direct anyone to the link of " " I tried to contact the support and billing departments of
xanthion with no replies from them explaining why I am unable to receive
support… or … to re-activate my .com link… I am of the understanding
that the payment I make to the web hosting account includes the activation
of my .com “Link” that is reserved for me and used sense the mid’90’s…
My intention is to continue with the renewal of my account with xanthion for
the up-and-coming year… Seeing as I’ve already paid for the renewal of
my account on the 07th of May 2006… But… received no formal invoice
from their billing department, for the renewal of this active account… I am
waiting for a reply from you as soon as you receive this memo…

I remain,


Does any of you have any advice for me as to how I continue pursuing this issue??..

Can I expect to find a resolve to all this that I can continue useing my Domain Name??

I have to ask the question…

Who in fact holds the rights to this Domain Name?

Xanthion or Godaddy??


Unfortunalty, Xanthion owns the domain name. If they don’t fix it up for you the you are SOL. GoDaddy just handles administration and they will only work directly Xanthion. That’s kind of what I was afraid of.

Hi phoo:
Thanks for your reply on this… How’s a good way to get them to reply to me… I’m sure they know I’m trying to reach them… I have a bunch of support tickets opened… They have to see them up there…

If I didn’t know any better I’d say they are somehow blocking my mail or just blowing me off… I have a feeling I’m not the only one trying to reach them…