Punch-in recording problem

No dialog

Hi All

I’m pretty new to NTrack and the world of home recording in general. I’m trying out NTrack and am really impressed so far.

I’m recording some vocals at the moment and wanted to do some overdubs so had a look in the manual at ‘punch-in’ recording. It says:


If the “Add all takes when finished” option is selected, once the user presses the stop button the program will prompt him to select which of the recorded takes to actually include in the song, with the option of deleting the discarded ones.
Otherwise if the “Add tracks as they are recorded” option is selected, the program will add each take to the song as soon as it finishes recording it.

BUT I have three buttons on the toolbar that allow me to set up some of the punch-in parameters but I don’t see a dialog. So I can’t set up the “Add…” features, which makes everything very confusing.

Am I being stupid? Is this feature not available in the unregistered version?

Any help would be much appreciated. BTW I’m using 4.1.5 on Windows XP (XP1800+ cpu, 512Mb RAM)