Punch-in recording

I’m trying to record 4-part barbershop harmony one track at a time, and I consider the punch-in recording a strong part of n-track’s capability to allow me to go in and fix portions of a track that need tuning up. However when I try to use it, some unexpected results usually occur.

I select a portion of a track for punch-in recording, lock-in those settings, and then begin the punch-in process.

When the punch-in recording completes, n-track names the new recording as a “take”. The filename of the “take” wav file overlays the filename of the original wav file, making them both unreadable. This is true whether or not “destructive” or “non-destructive” recording is selected. Is there any way to finally merge these “take” files into the original wav file for that track?

Also, after 2 or more punch-in sessions on the same track when playback is requested for that track, sound plays up until the punch-in area, but the punch-in area does not play back, it is just silent until n-track passes it, then sound begins again.

What is the actual difference in behavior between “Add all takes when finished” and “Add takes as they are recorded”?
When I record multiple takes to replace a section, then I choose one, it is added to another track but the portion of the original track that I wanted to replace is not replace, I still hear it when I play back?

Hopefully you can sense my frustration, n-track (which is usually a very predictable product) is not behaving at all as I would expect nor as I need it to.

I’d be happy to find out I’m doing some steps incorrectly or out of order, but I’ve tried many combinations and nothing seems to let me accomplish the simple goal of fixing a wrong note in a track.

Thanks for anything you can offer!