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2466 and two other problems …
When punchin’in ntrack is starting a couple measures before the punchin highlight so you can have time to scratch. But when it reaches the hightlight n is stoping cold. Then pauses a few seconds, and then starts again a couple measures out and this times completes the punch in. Of course by then you’ve forgotten the great idea you had to offer

Another weird thing was moving a part onto the next track, it then becomes a take but interestingly; it automatically becomes grouped. Causing you to right click and un’group.

Anyone else notice these problems?

Anyone notice this in 2467?

I’ve been testing midi and ezdrummer Levi. So I have not tried any punch ins.

Can you explain punch in and how to do it to a thicko who will wonder how he ever managed without it?


:agree: Yep, lets say you have a couple notes that arn't you.
You don't like them but you love the rest of the take.
Hightlight those notes as if you where going to cut them.
You have that track armed for recording, you have the section highlited.
Then look in VIEW, Toolbars, Punch in/ Multiple takes etc., then, SHOW. The tools will now be visable top left of the track line area.
That circular lookin icon on the left will start the process.
Be ready, it will give you at least a measure before hand and will stop automatically at the end of the highlight.
I do both undo and lanes if I'm not sure about the new lick.
2461 did this perfectly.
2466 sucks at this.
Haven't gotten any feed back on 67.
:agree: Great tool!

OMG…does it just replace the old part? Or do you edit it back in later?


:laugh: uh huh What do you mean JUST? That's pretty darn good. :D
it will be a separate part in the track but you could lock the group. It should be good to go then immediately, locking or not. Go to mixdown that is.

2467 has it all coverd! Nice work Flavio it’s looking very good so far! :agree:

Stoopid old me. I saw the guys doing this in the studio and thought…hhhmmm wonder if N can do that…IT CAN THEN!


:laugh: Saves time and money.

I had to use punch-in on my old Digital Portastudio but once I went to PC based recording I never use punch. In the old n-Track days I’d just arm a new track and play along then paste the new bits in or fade 'em in/out with envelopes. These days I just do a new take and use lanes then comp the best bits into the final take.

“Punch” seems kind of redundant and fraught with potential problems to me. shrug


Yep - by the time you get it set up the part could be re done already…

Don’t get me wrong… if it’s broke, it needs to be fixed. I just prefer not to use punch. Of course, many DO and it needs to work properly. I bet if more tried and got use to doing it the other way though, they’d run away from “punch”.


It’s working fine - just did 4 takes in selected region. All to nice tidy takes in sync and nicely layed out with mayo and dejon mustard. You want fries wit’ dat?

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sorry - those cookies, all 3 dozen, are history!

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