Punch the Monkey video


Enjoy… got another few days of this madness … adn then I can maybe breathe and read an email or return a phone call.

This is our first time going entirely in ear and no guitar amps… all PODS… what a luxury.

That’s great Bubba. Some seriously good playing there. I love that kind of music. Spent many a happy night in the bars in Fort William in Scotland listening to bands pumping out some good Celtic stomping music.
Love it!

Great Video Clip…
Lots of what-it-takes…
:) That would sell BiG TiMe…
in Downtown Halifax… OR On Water Street in St.John’s NFLD… (on-the-rock) as it’s called…


Dig the hat Bubba. :agree:

As for the singer/mandolin guy… How many times has used the line;

“Eets nawt a ddrress! Eets a bloody kilt!” :p


Heh, we are considering getting him some boxers with “Kiss me I am Scottish” across the seat and doing “The Scotsman Kilt” by Mike Cross with a mooning of said underdrawers at the end. He’s a real live off the boat Scot too, so it wouldn’t be like we are lying.

And for D’s enjoyment… the drums are all being triggered through R. Nary a hiccup. :wink:


And for D's enjoyment... the drums are all being triggered through R. Nary a hiccup. ;)

Never a doubt ma' man... never a doubt. :agree:

What is setup time versus an acoustic kit? One fourth? Better?


Is the lighting triggered too?

Sounds great!

The lights run off of a foot controller that the bass players works. The lights are incredible. We found them at GC on clearance. One entire unit is the size of a big shoe box, has 8 halogen spots in it, and connect together for sync to MIDI or whatever. What you see are two of those units.


Setup time? Yeah, probably a 1/4 the time. We also never change the monitor mix. Everyone has presets on their POD or whatever and plug in and go. They know what channels they are assigned and just hook up. They also hand me a 1/4 to run to their respective monitors. I just load up a saved RPP, hook up my USB MIDI adaptor, and go. We tweak the FOH a tad to suit the room, but it is quick and easy. Between sets I have media player loaded up with a play list. Easy as pie. My only gripe is that I wish I had the drums and house music on separate channels… but I will live.

You got it down Bubba! :agree:

When we do 3 or 4 gigs in a day… we have to have setup and tear down be a very fast process.

One other thing I forgot to mention… for sound check… I have a few tunes I have played in via MIDI. I use the MIDI to trigger the samples (BFD)for everyone to play to during sound check so I can mix and not have to be behind the kit. Plus I am using Reaper effects in the box to compress and EQ stuff. The FOH mix goes through Reaper in realtime (5ms latemncy, woopty doo) and hits a mastering chain including a comp, EQ, and Eventhorizon. We sound loud and punchy without being too loud. Works a charm. I have NEVER had so many compliments on the sound ever.

same with the Slang I presume…?

We are getting there with the Slang. Not everyone in the Slang buys into in ears yet… but after the PTM success and 3 out of 5 members of PTM also being in The Slang, it is a matter of time. Everyone gets a personalized monitor mix, no feed back, better sound (folks were telling us we sounded like a CD as it was so clear with no stage bleed mud), and better level control. Plus it kinda makes me sad to always play a VKit… :) This makes we want to sell my Mackie 24 channel analog board for soemthing digital just so I can store and recall mixes between bands. Plus, my DBX Driverack is more or less worthless as with in ears, I don’t worry about feed back and for EQ, I have Reaper and a spectral analyzer for free which is much more accurate than a hardware unit.


it was so clear with no stage bleed mud

Something I have been moaning about FOREVER at church. Most of the musicians use in-ears but the singers, piano player and choir have wedges. I griped about them running the wedges so hot for so long I have just given up...

P&W Leader: "Why does it sound so 'muffle-dy'?"

ME: *roll-eyes*

"Uh... it's the intermavertarator valve. Darn thing must be stuck again..." :laugh:


Yeah, the crud from the back of monitors and from amp flab is bad news that you can do little about. For monitors I will often roll off below 150-120 to clean up mud to the audience and clear it up for the performer… but that only goes so far. I am not sure what you can do for a choir besides side fills. :-/

Well… against my better judgment, I have agreed to take over the sound system as soon as I get this big project at work off my back.

There’s gonna be LOTS of changes…

Some of them they don’t know about yet…

Some they ain’t gonna like…

Some they are just gonna have to get used too…

Thar’s a new Sheriff comin’ to town!

It never ceases to amaze me at how many “sound guy” myths and pure bunk gets carried over from one generation of “sound guys” to the next…

"Impedance? NAW… just cut that fancy ‘cameron’ connector off’n there and put this geetar plug on it… Wires? Just pick two…"


D - cross eyed

“We don’t really need direct boxes do we?” That’s my favorite.
Well not if you’re enjoying all that hum!

We all use in ears but from there on it’s getting to be a mess. We need atleast 3 direct boxes and no one but me notices it. And I’m freakin’ half deaf from doin’ this for 40 some years!

Good luck with that D - you’ll do well once you get member feedback on how much better it sounds!

Quote: (Poppa Willis @ Mar. 16 2009, 2:44 PM)

"We don't really need direct boxes do we?" That's my favorite.
Well not if you're enjoying all that hum!

We all use in ears but from there on it's getting to be a mess. We need atleast 3 direct boxes and no one but me notices it. And I'm freakin' half deaf from doin' this for 40 some years!

Good luck with that D - you'll do well once you get member feedback on how much better it sounds!

Heh, it is nice my guys are pretty much all nerds or are ignorant and get out of the way. A few are ignorant to the intricacies of sound (nothing wrong with that as it is better to say you don't know that to pretend you do and slow down the universe )and just do what we tell them which is nice and easy. The other guys are nerds like me and get balanced and impedance and etc.

However, even a crappy DI is better than no DI.

Good stuff Bubba! :agree: :agree: :agree: :agree: :agree:

'Sound guy - "Hey D? We have a little buzz in the stage right acoustic guitar."

ME - “Ttry lifting the ground?”

‘Sound guy’ - “Err… how much? Ground gets heavy pretty quickly…” :laugh: