pure midi lag/setup

just getting restarted

Hello all,
I am SURE that there is a post somewhere in here with my solution all spelled out, but I have not tripped over it yet, so if someone recognizes what I describe here, I will be completely happy with a pointer to the post I’m looking for… no need to reinvent the wheel.

I’ve not used n-tracks in some time and I’ve changed my hardware, so that might be part of the problem, but…
Installed 3.3 on an ASUS A7N8X board, brand new drive, 2000+ Athlon XP, 512Mb ram, SB Live! (probably value) and using a Roland GI-10/GK-2 to do midi stuff.

Started a new project, popped open the drum/grid screen and moused in some basic beats.
Strapped on the guitar with the GK-2, managed to find a workable bass guitar sound, hit record… seemingly nothing happens, but I plunk a little. The “recording” indicator doesn’t flash like it should and there is no sound of the previous track… not even the click plays. Hmmm… Stop the recording, and midi notes on the track that should have recorded, do show up. (??)
Go in, pick different drivers, download ASIO4ALL, fuddle my way through setting that up…
Eventually I try again and things seem to work. I hear the drums and I can hear the line I’m recording and there is hardly any lag… until I play it back. Then the bass line is waaaaay off of the drums. I try different drivers, poke with the buffer sizes, etc. But this is very confusing because I’m not doing anything with wav audio at all at this point.
Now, I’m pretty sure I’m not stressing the system with this little experiment, so I can only conclude that I have no idea how to set up n-tracks and midi stuff properly. So, if anyone can point to the post that tells me what idiotic thing I’ve done wrong or suggest what to search for, I would be very grateful!
Thanks for your patience, folks.
Now, to go re-read the manual…

Hey cannontech,

Is the “lag” actually visible in the Piano Roll (i.e., “drum/grid screen”)? I mean, do you see that the recorded notes are actually offset to the right more than they should be?

Also, where are your MIDI sounds coming from during playback? Are you using plugins, SoundFonts on the SB Live, or an external MIDI synth module? If you’re using plugins, I would think adjusting buffer settings would be of particular interest regarding playback lag/offset. (They always have for me.)

If you’re not using plugins, have you tried going into File/Settings/Preferences/Options/“Use system timer for” and unchecking “Playback time” and “Recording time”? It may be a long shot, but it seems to have helped me in the past when MIDI notes were actually being recorded “late”. Before doing it, though, you may want to undo the buffer tweaks you made just to give it a fair shot. Another thing you may try is going to …/Preferences/MIDI Settings/“Timer to use” and select “Wave timer” instead of “System timer” to see if that has any effect. Just an experiment.



Thanks Tony,
Yes, I’m using soundfonts (and just discovered vst instruments a few days ago). I’ll poke at a little more tonight and adjust the buffer settings in a more scientific way.

I should also have clarified what I mean by “Then the bass line is waaaaay off of the drums”;
what is actually happening is the bass line starts to play before it should be heard. It’s very odd.

Thanks for the suggestions,