Quake in Italy

I don’t know if it’s in Flavios area

Flavio I hope that you and yours are ok! Mother nature is very powerful. Italy is a great country, great people. I’m sorry to hear of that destruction.

L’Aquila is about 70-80 miles from Rome in Abruzzi. 3/4 of the Italians in town here are from Abruzzi, thus this is all I have heard about today even though most folks are from Introdacqua which is way south of l’Aquila.

Is Flavio in Rome?

Yep. Rome was the last personal mailing address I had (a while back).

Well build 2469 was posted Mon. April 6th at 11:00am, what time did the quake hit there?

he moved north of Rome to Perugia… I presume that’s where he is.

Well Flavio was in the forum a few minutes ago, so I’m gonna say he’s ok.