Question About EQ Output Clip.

EQ Clip VS Timeline Clip.

This doesn’t have anything to do with the new EQ features, which are interesting and will take more time to explore, however back to my question. While adjusting the EQ and I move various bands up in the EQ the output meter, in the EQ section will begin to hit red (Clip), My question is, if it clips on the EQ meter but not on the time line, is the audio still being clipped?


The processing in the effect program is at 64 bits ( it think it is at least 32bit.) This raises the “headroom” way up. I am not a math guy, but the result is that red in the effect may or may not produce a clip in the time line. I try to keep mine in the green, but I know an occasional red make will not cause a problem. The exception is the compressor - it seems to have an amplifier in the circuit and when the out put goes to red if can cause the timeline to register the clip. All this said, I guess this is why the Pros seem to all say to back things down instead up push things up

Thx Bax, to clarify, the meter I’m talking about is the far right meter in the EQ compressor section.

The reason I’m asking is because I’ve completed (mastered) 9 songs for this years album and the last 3 songs I made sure not to allow any red in the meter in question and was wondering if I should go back and remaster the first 6. I tested to see if I pushed the output down (no clip) in the EQ section, for example, -3bd in the EQ section and then increased +3db on the track volume and it wasn’t the same in volume, it seemed a little bit louder. It appears the EQ volume slider doesn’t match the track volume slider. Could this be a bug?

So the question might be, if it’s not a bug, how many DB output in the EQ section is required to equal 1 db on the track volume slider? If I knew this, it would be a simple adjustment without having to remaster those 6 tracks.

Any thoughts?


I don’t have the answer to your question, Paco. However, the advise I got early on was, if it sounds okay, it’s okay. Obviously, you don’t want digital clips in the final mix, but unless you have the clips or distortion I really would not worry about it - just my opinion. I don’t know how many microseconds it takes for the human ear to hear a clip, but it is relatively long in digital terms. When records were actually cut on vinyl, a clip could push the needle out of the groove. If you recorded in 24bit and then dither to 16, you probably don’t have a problem. Maybe, some one here knows better and can answer your question.

I can confirm clipping does take place.

Re-do 6 for me, oh well… Hopefully I’ll get anther top ten at Soundclick :agree:

Thanks for the responses,