Question about subscription iOS/Android

Hi, I’m new, and I have a question about subscribing-

I’m a voice over artist, and my plan is to use n-track mobile if I’m on the road, and then import the multi-track to the desktop version.
as I have both Android and iOS devices, do I have to subscribe to both platforms? (pay twice) or does one subscription service both?
Reason being, I may never know when I have an impromptu recording to do, and I’d like to be able to record either on my iPad, or android device at a moment’s notice.

thanks! :peace:



n-Track uses the standard Google Play and App Store subscription mechanism. They are two separate ‘worlds’ so each n-Track for each mobile platform is a separate product, i.e. you can purchase on one Android device and install on all your other Android devices, but you need to purchase again on iOS. And vice-versa, you can purchase on one iOS device and install on all your other iOS devices, but you’d need to re-purchase for Android.
On the contrary the desktop version (purchased via our website) allows you to install on both Windows and Mac.


Thanks for the reply.

Ok that clarifies.

Next question:

Seeing as this is subscription based service

1. would I be able to just pay for a year in advance, as opposed to a small transaction every month,

2. What happens when I’m a happy user for like 3 years? I’ll have paid 35.64 by then. (71.64 if i use pro) other comparable DAW apps are at most $50.


currently you can subscribe only one month at a time. You can cancel the subscription at any time though using the standard store mechanism (for iOS see:, Android:

In 3 years time it’s quite likely that many of the apps you mentioned will have a paid upgrade, so the total cost you paid to keep the app current will be most likely comparable with the n-Track subscription. The subscription though gives the obvious benefit of being able to pay as you go, as opposed to having to come up with say $50 upfront.

That said we’re hearing from quite a few users that they’re against purchasing a subscription. Consequently we plan to publish soon (most likely next week) a one time paid version for n-Track Studio 8 iOS and Android.