Question about undercarpet 'stuff' on walls.

Q on a post from Studiofat.

Studiofat, while looking at the pics of your studio I just noticed something now - Is that undercarpet ‘felt’ that’s on the walls there ?

We have a mountain of the stuff after a recent ‘carpet lift exposing the wooden floor’ excersise we went through a while ago.
I was eyeballing them and wondering how they would work, and here you have’em on your walls. Does it work ?

I’ve also got an idea to make it a little thicker by mounting it on a board and to ‘crumple’ it up in a kind of ‘wave pattern’ so that there is more volume to it, and then hang a curtain in front of it.

What say ye ?


Just for reference to others - here’s studiofat’s studiopic: