Question concerning version 4

just recently i have been working on some projects using version 3.3. My computer’s hard drive had to be erased, and so i backed up all my n-track files and songs. Now that we have a new hard drive, i want to upload them back onto my computer for use. But i have to reinstall N-track, and i have to take version 4. Will all my old 3.3 version files be accessable in 4 if i upload them? And will i still be able to mix/edit them as well?



Yes they will and you will.
However, make sure to make copies of the original projects prior to doing anything with them in version 4.
Once you mix/edit and save in version 4, you won’t be able to open them in earlier versions.
By the way, you can get 3.3 from here.

thanks a bunch. I have another question if you dont mind. I want to make my song louder, and i heard i can do this by using a compresser found in version 4. Being quite new to all of this, how do i go about compressing a track? Do i compress each track seperately or do i compress the entire song file?

There are many other compression plugins (some even free) that can be used. Not knocking the FASoft one, simply stating you have other options.
Instead of me trying to explain it all, you may do better by checking out a few sites like …
ComputerMusic tutorials #24 and 43.
and even
Tweak’s Guide