Question for TomS

Tom if you don’t mind me asking, how much did you pay for your Eureka, where from and how happy are you with it?

I paid 499 usa dollars for it, the going rate, although I noticed that one of the folks I get catalogs from is offering it now for the same price with the digitial card thrown in for free.

I think it sounds great. But I haven’t much experience with high end stuff, the only “good” preamps I have are a mildly modified bellari (tubish), a symetrix (very clean and “clear” - you can tell it handles transients much better than the other things I have), and the pre from an Ampex 601. I also have two pres from an old Yamaha pm 1000 that rsolinski (ray) turned me on to. I am told they are very neve like, and they are indeed pretty thick, but I need to work on those a bit, b/c my electronics skills are not as good as Ray’s, and I need to elminate some of the superfluous wiring that I left in, so they’ve been on the bench for quite a few months.

All that said, simply as a preamp the presonus is great, the eq and compressor are quite good to my ears, and it makes a great home studio vocal channel. I read a review of it that said that while it is 5-10% off in sound from the highest end stuff, mostly folks like me won’t notice or miss the difference, and my sense is that is accurate.

It has a couple of smart features - the comp and eq can be placed in whatever order you want, the metering is good. The “saturation” knob on it is supposed to add even harmonics, but as far as I can tell it changes the sound very little.

I also remember a review of the unit in tape op, where the designer pointed out that he had made the op amps in it socketed so they could be swapped out for alternatives - at least that’s what he said IIRC - I haven’t followed up on that, but it seems like a really intelligent idea.

So I like the thing very much.

edit: oh, I got it at our local guitar satan,

Also, here’s a bit on the yamaha pm1000:

The guy i bought my pm-1000 pres from has now decided to rack them in pair, without the eq section, with balanced outs, here:…EL:US:1

I got a raw pair from him ripped out of the board for 125. :)