Question on recording tracks

Playing back a track while recording one

Hey! I have a question, possibly a stupid one but here goes.

Is there a way to playback what you recorded on track one while recording a new track without the new track recording track one along with what you are playing on the new track?

I need to play the first track while recording the second track to follow the drums from the first track. I thought by playing back what I recorded on the first track thru my Soundcard media player while recording the second track would solve this problem but I still got the same problem. HELP!

just import the track to n and press record no need to use a separed player while playing what you need to hear, and be shure to select line in or mic in in the recording controls in the sound cards mixers settings, so it would only record the input from the mic in or line in insted of all the sounds in “what you hear”.

let me know if this help you…


Yep, what Dalso said. There’s quite a good section in the manual on this, and it comes up all the time here so search the forum and you’ll find some more detailed instructions.

Hey, thanks for the information! That was indeed the problem. I totally over looked that! Works great! Thanks again :agree: