Question with Trial Version


I am new to N-Track studio, and have downloaded the free version in order to take about 5 minutes out of a 15 minute song and create that portion into a seperate track. It has seemed to work (I assume) by selecting the portion of the song and copying and while holding shift, pasting. This places the experpt at the end of the original 15 minute track and by dragging the 5 minute cut (located at the end of the master track) to the beginning, over the master and saving it, I now have exactly what I need. However, upon listening to this, there are very apparent digital sounds in the new track that were not on the original. It sounds like a keyboard of some sort; it is three notes, the first and third are the same note while the second is slighter higher. It happends periodically throughout the song and I have no idea how these are in this file. I tried again to convert the original track to WAV, open it in N-Track and cut, paste, and save the selected file, but ended with the same results. I can only assume that these unwanted sounds are because the software is a trial version and that by purchasing the actual N-Track will eliminate them. Any feedback on what I could do or other software you would reccomend for creating a excerpt of a song into a seperate track would be wonderful. I am impressed with N-Track, just dont want to spend much money for something so insignificant. Thanks a bundle.

Well, if it’s a rego issue (iirc, mixdown wasn’t enabled on eval versions), try - that’s free.

What format are your original sounds in? (mp3?) The tones could be some sort of artifact from the conversion. Try to convert to WAV using some other program and listen to the WAV before starting the edit.

Anyway, for the stated project, nTrack might be overkill. Try the demo version of Goldwave - it’s a basic WAV editor. You should also check out Audacity an open-source free editor.

audacity works great. thanks a lot.

Yes the three tones are from the demo limitation.
The mentioned free programs, should be able to do the simple editing that you described.