questions about new IOS version

After using it for a day, I have some questions:

1. Is there no way to do multiple takes on a single track? It seems that this key recording feature is not included in the IOS version.

2. When recording a midi track today, I sliced my recording and deleted part of the track that I where wanted to record a different take. Even though I deleted that section (at least it appeared to be gone), when I started recording at the beginning of the deleted section, I was hearing the previous recording and indeed the new segment was being “overdubbed” on the old section.

3. Am I right in thinking that there are record and edit feature available on the PC version which are not included in the IOS version?

It looks like almost all the posts on the forum are about the computer version of N-track. If this is not the right forum, then where can I ask questions about the IOS version?

At this point I’m feeling pretty frustrated with this app and regret dropping $30.

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Ya not a lot of iOS questions here, but this is the correct place for them.
For me on iOS, I haven't found anything except to split the midi track (wherever your cursor is) and then long press and delete the section you want to get rid of, then record there. If you're mainly a midi person, you can get stuff done on n-Track, but there might be other apps more focused on midi only sequencing, n-Track does both with great focus on audio. Maybe check out the piano roll screen for options I might have missed.

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