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use of this s/w to record karaoke output

I am an entertainer in Dallas, TX using a high end karaoke system. I have tried recording an in studio demo but the results are always inferior to the live sound that I am able to get out of my system. A friend at Church told me about this site and that this software might solve my problem. I have a real nice HP laptop and my karaoke amp has right and left audio outputs for recording. My question is, where can I locate the cable to connect the stereo output of my system to the single input jack on my laptops soundcard? Or, is it neccesary to just build something for this application. Anyone with experience on this issue?

Radio shack would the prime place to get a stereo Y cable with the appropriate 1/8" stereo jack at one end and whatever left and right connection needed to come out of your system.
The main issue would be whether or not the laptop infact has a true stereo input “Line In” or simply just a mono “Mic” input.

If, as crankz1 points out, your laptop only has a “mic” input you may still be able to get decent quality by playing with the levels.

However, you could also invest a small amount of money in one of those outboard USB soundcards that would bypass your laptop’s internal card. Musicians Friend is selling the Edirol UA-1X for $80 for example. Heck, you might even be able to borrow one from a friend (or try one out from a shop) for free.