I have a couple of really basic questions I hope someone can help me out with. First, when I record my guitar along with a backing track, everything lines up perfectly when I go to play the two tracks back together. If I remove the guitar track, then bring it back into nTrack later and try to line it up with the backing track, the two are out of sync, and I can’t for the life of me figure out how to line the two up.

Second, is there a way to record the guitar track with the effects intact, so I can hear them while recording, or do they have to be added after the track is recorded?

Thank you!

seeems to me,that the “grid” is the thing that would keep your trax in line,im not real versed at using it,but i guess what ya do is the grid time to time of the song an this makes it line up all the trax,ya mite wanna read the manual to understand it all,as far as using effects in real time,the "live " button gives you the effects sound in real time,so ya can record an hear the effects at same time,again,this isnt sumthin i use ,so ya mite wanna dig through the manual.

I’ve found that I do better with guitar effects by recording using my fx pedals ie recording exactly what I want the guitar to sound like and not use the software FX for guitar they’r not nearly as good anyway. vocals and everything else I record dry then add fx in Ntrack


I’m not sure why you’d want to remove one track and bring it back later ???
Anyway, if you moved all the tracks to line up on the grid before you remove one, you should be able to get them to line up again later pretty easily.