Quick Jam

Just playing along with a backing track


Just a quick jam lots of mistakes, just guitar and amp and ntrack echo added after :).

Nice jam, I enjoyed it. Also nice video.

Thanks mate, much appreciated :).

Very good, sounded like you where using the D min pent scale, the legato notes leading into the next set of chords worked well. Thats the kind of thing I would like to do with N-track myself, I am a complete noob.

I didn’t really like it. It was too quick for me. :disagree:

Simon, when flanders says he doesn’t like it, that means he actually did, but he has an odd sense of humor. Just wanted to let you know. :)

Soo Close Arpeggio, C#m Pent over an F# progression :) F#-> B/F# (with F# in the bass), then A, then C#->F#/C# with C# in the bass. The B/F# and the C#/F# chords really sound thick !!!.

Thanks Guys, and thanks for the clarification Tom :). This entire project took about 25 mins, 10 mins to learn the progression and record the rhythm guitar part over the backing track, then 10 mins to record the leads and 5 mins to add the nTrack echo and mix :). I didn’t even silence any of the 60hz hum from the single coils, if you listen carefully you can hear it quite clearly at the start :). Nothing pre-organised or written just a simple play and see what comes out etc. Mainly done to show how good the heritage series of the AC30 sounds, hence the different pickup positions etc.

Forgot to add, this was sooooo easy to do especially with nTrack. I have been using it on and off for a few years now and it is always impressive. Best money I ever spent!.

P.S Flanders, that’s why it was called a umm QUICK jam :p

Cool groove to it, Sound was pretty good for YouTube, Nice,