Quick Question Measure/Bar

I Used to KNOW this!

Is it so many measures per bar or so many bars per measure? Or do folks use either term interchangeably? I want to ask a keyboardist to insert a solo for me and I want to be able to tell him how many measures/bars his part will last.

yep,dat be it,so many bars a measure,

Hmmm…I’ve always used the terms bar and measure interchangeably.

On paper, bar lines define measures, right?

I can say this measure gets 4 beats or I can say this bar gets four beats and both would be right…right?

And 12 bar blues is composed of cycles of 12 measures that repeat…


Bars and measures refer to the same thing. There is a preference in american usage for measure.

Yep…Bars per Measure or Measures per Bar are like saying Measures per Measure or Bars per Bar.

Try Beats per Bar or Beats per Measure instead, as in 4/4 being four quarter note beats per bar.

Awsum response TomS and Phoo!

Actually measures are how far you fall face down in the mud after leaving the bar!

Yes…and let’s not mention getting beat in a bar.

Yep… if it’s common time you get beat four times per bar you visit! Somebody told me once it was unhealthy to hang out in bars…


Thanks, you guys both enlighten and amuse me. I’m gonna come up with another question just to see where ya’ll go with it! :)

NO! A measure is not the same as a bar. (Not musically anyway).

As defined by the Chambers Dictionary of music:

A measure is the time content of a bar.

And the difference should be obvious, even to an engineer.

(And whenever someone works that one out, please explain it to me. :( ) :D

Wait! I think I’ve got it! :cool:

A bar contains time information, and, up and down information (those little squashed bug things with tails that have something to do with which fret and string you use)…

but, a measure is only about time information!

I think,




A four count twice…is that two measures?
1 2 3 4 = 1 measure?
Maybe I don’t really need a solo…

So 2 measures in a bar=2 shots of Tequila? What about the beer chaser? I was an alchy at one time, can ya tell?

I am confused on this subject now!

I’ll shut up and play my guitar.

I spent some time as a bar tender. If anyone had too many measures I through them out.


so THAT’s where I remember you from!

bar tender = conductor