Quick question: multiple outs

Hi guys

I want to send the MAIN MIX through both sets of outs on my delta44. I can enable the extra outputs, and you can set individual tracks to send to outs 3/4 but I’ll be damned if I can figure out how to send the whole mix out both th 1/2 and the 3/4.

Any Ideas?

The easiest way is to split the output 1/2 signal after it has left the Delta 44 breakout box using a splitter cable, but I’m wondering if you could achieve what you are after in software using the “surround sound” option and panning this in a 4.0 surround mode where the surround is always in a line between 1/2 and 3/4 outputs.


If you mix your tracks to a group instead to a master channel, you can then send the group via aux to every available master output.

Hi,Set n-tracks wav out device to be delta 3/4. Then if you set HW o/p 3/4 to wav o/p 3/4 in the Delta patchbay router and HW o/p 1/2 to monitor mixer and fade up the wav o/p 3/4 channel in the monitor mixer you can get the same signal out of all four outputs.

Bit cumbersome but it should work I think.


to allow multiple outputs the usual way is this…

set up multiple outputs in N’s mixer. set up an auxillary channel dedicated for the second mix with post fader/effects send. turn up the send on every channel to 0 db in that aux. bring up the return of all the auxillaries with the forementioned aux being set to 0 db. you’ll now have the same mix going to a second/third/etc… output.

This is of course a bit cumbersome, I wish Flavio would impliment the ability to shift/control click multiple outputs per track instead of feeding out to only one. You’d still have to output to each channel by hand, but it’d be a lot faster than setting up aux sends/returns. It doesn’t seem like it’d be that hard to do, but I’m not a programmer.