"Allow use 3ed Party software" startup Message?

Why ask? its already selected

In the recent versions the Ntrack program stop the start up to ask me, everytime, if I what to allow 3ed party software to interact with Ntrack. I have the answer already selected in the Preferrence settings, (yes) so why stop the load to ask Everytime? It’s a minor annoyance, but . . .

it asks you everytime incase you DONT want to have 3rd party programs to interact with N during that session - there are occasions where 3rd party interaction is disadvantagous to N (it crashs) -

using 3rd party interaction and re-wire can crash N if the buffer settings in N are set to “low”, and the buffers in the re-wire client cannot be set to match - (using MME, DS and WDM drivers) -

Dr J

Thanks for the answer. Maybe, what would be nice is a way to Not have the question - I don’t have that kind of other software. But if I did, then I could turn the question back on - (maybe more features then we need to be adding - maybe I should just get over it.)

yes it could be presented better - better not to have it in prefs and then keep asking, (then not appearing again untill reset to yes in prefs if you say NO) to a straight yes or no at the start of program with nothing in prefs – much easier and less confusion -

Dr J