"Bring Us A Round" from album "WASTED" is top 10

Soundclick top 10

In the sub category of classic rock, “Bring Us A Round” from my album “WASTED” went top ten this morning over at Soundclick. It currently sits at position #9

This is a major accomplishment for me personally. I hope you’all get a chance to listen to my album. Your comments are welcome, good or bad.


Well done, Paco. I’ve only had time to check the one track so far - “Bring Us A Round” is excellent in every way.


well done!

Hey well done there!

Tell me how you’re recording your drums???

Hi Craig,

I’m using BFD2. With all my previous albums I simply recorded a stereo track of my drums and then EQ’d them. But this gave me very limited EQ, Volume, Pan options and I literally had no control. I went looking for a better way to do the drums. Specifically, being able to record each drum kit on its own track with no track to track bleeding. Here’s a link to how I did it. I was “unable” to do this, record drum kit pieces on their own track in n-track and was forced to do the drums in Reaper, however the entire album with the exception of the drums was recorded, mixed and mastered in n-Track.

Just a note: the drums were recorded clean, no EQ or pan in Reaper and no pan in BFD2 then moved over to n-track and inserted on their own tracks making them available for EQ, Volume and pans in n-Track. Worked out to between 9 and 11 tracks per song based on the number of kit pieces being used for the song. It was very nice to have complete control over the drums. This time around, I didn’t record the overhead mics, as part of some of the outputs from BFD2, as mentioned in one of my methods, it was included as part of the over all volume in the kit pieces to save on the total number of drum tracks. My next Album however, I will be recording a slightly different method mentioned in my post and I’m going to include the 3 overhead mics as I feel this will give my even greater control, at the expense of 3 additional tracks.

Here’s the link.

It’s detailed, I describe the various methods, what I learned and what was the method I used.