"Cannot Open File"

is what the dialogue box says!

First of all, I am on the “hobbist” end of things, recording for fun. I installed nTrack less than a month ago & have run into a problem:
I have a couple different songs in the works, with 7 or so tracks each so far. I was going to mix down one & a dialogue box comes up: “cannot open file”–with not offers to find files, help, etc. I was going to put a new track on the other & the same box came up.
I checked in the folder where all the sng & wav files are & there’s still a ton of files in there.

Any ideas? I’m really hoping I didn’t delete something.

In case this bit will help diagnose the problem: the songs will play for me–all tracks, with effects, etc–I just can’t manipulate.

Hoping that you didn’t make the mistake that I did one night. Three of us were quickly recording some songs to give as scratch tracks to another friend to learn. The recordings went along without a hitch (unusual for us) and we knocked out about 10 rough songs that night.

I had done a SAVE AS after saving each song thinking that like most Windows programs that would leave an original copy and then start the new file. Well in nTrack SAVE AS (at least in Ver. 3.3) moves the wav files to the new folder and rewrites them as you record new tracks in the new SEQ file.

So essentially after recording 10 songs we had only the last one that really had any tracks.

You weren’t doing SAVE AS were you?

I’ve done the SAVE AS, but I definitely rename each version.
See, I’m able to open up the songs, play 'em, put efx on 'em, even find the tracks UNDER the tracks—just not lay down a new track or mixdown.

Thanks for the tip, tho!

When I did the Save AS I renamed the SEQ files with new names under new folders, but that just MOVED all the wav files to the new folders. But forget that, you can’t do anything new to your songs…

They didn’t somehow get tagged as READ ONLY?..I doubt if that would stop you from mixing down a file anyway.


the songs will play for me–all tracks, with effects, etc–I just can’t manipulate.

Never heard of this problem, maybe someone else has run across it…

One other possibility is that because of some bad mojo, the program thinks it is a DEMO version now.

That error will come up if it can’t write out the mixdown file. If there enough space on the hard drive? A full or very fragmented hard drive can do it, as can read only access. What path is the mixdown saving to?

Save the song as a packed song with no compression. Move the sgw file to another location and open it there. That will make copies of all the waves and everything. Make sure all the files in the new directory and the folder itself has write access.

The other question is what format are you trying to mixdown to? That might be related, but the error sort of says not. The actual text in the error might be misleading.

I think your idea of saving packed files will be the trick. I’ve mistakenly saved packed files before & know that copies of all sng files will be made. I hadn’t thought of that! It’s just weird because I’ve been trying out new mixes, efx & am able to save new changes…just unable to mixdown or do new tracks.

I’m attempting to save WMA files because I have yet to download the mp3 conversion software.

Thanks for these ideas, guys. Cross your fingers!!

Hey folks.
I tried saving as packed file, but that crashes the system.

If anyone has more ideas, that’d be great. It’s looking like I may have to start from scratch & re-record the songs! Whew.

How much space is left on the hard drive? Sounds very full or very fragmented. Or, blocked for what ever reason. n-Tracks may not handle not being able to write out files as well as it should. If mixdown fails because it can’t write out 60 megs then it will surely fail when trying to write out a few hundred.

I’ve got 68 gigs.
I’m thinking that it’d be best to just re-record. No worries. Many thanks for trying to diagnose!