"click" at the very beginning of a mixdown

A couple of tracks I mixed down today have “clicks” at the very beginning of a mixdown wav (even though the point of the session I’m beginning the mixdown at has NO tracks on it, ie: I’m mixing down from about 1.5seconds befor the song starts).

Has anyone elcountered this before? Is dropping the “master volume” right down before the tracks start and mixing down from there an answer?

This will happen if you have “Compensate for plug in latency” turn on and there is some compensation (eg 300ms).

If you stop playback midway through the song and then move the position marker to another position or the beginning of the song when you press play again 300ms (or whatever the latency is) fo the song from where you previously stopped it wil play before it starts playing from the new position.
It’s like it has that 300ms still in some buffer.

If I’m doing a mixdown I just move the cursor to the beginning of the song, clear the buffer, then rewind again and then do the mixdown.

I always have a few seconds silence at the beginning of my songs so it wouldn’t really matter anyway as I could edit it out later but just a habit now


Gotcha. So you go to the beginning - play for a second - stop it - then go to the beginning again before mixdown? Yeah?

Yeah that’s what I do.
When you press play you will hear noise for a second (what was about to be played before you pressed stop before.

At least that is what happens to me.

If you’re not getting any plugin compensation going on then it might be something different


Thanks man. Yeah I’ve got a few compressors, reverb and a couple of amp modelers going and from memory (I’m at work) that clicking doesn’t happen when I turn the fx off.