Another bonus from Flavio?

While I was messing around with the new N-Drums plugin, I noticed another VSTi installed on my machine: "daHornet"

It’s an analog synth emulator, and it looks like it might be fun to play with. The thing is, I don’t remember ever downloading or installing it (and since I don’t have a MIDI keyboard, I don’t know why I would have). It’s the only other VSTi installed on my machine besides the N-drums plugin. A search didn’t pull up any mention of it in this forum or in the change log…

Could this be an “easter egg” bonus included by Flavio?

On the other hand, I did go through a period a while ago when I was downloading new effects plugs daily, so I might have forgotten grabbing this one from somewhere else…

Is this another (undocumented) freebie with N-Track? Or am I just having a “senior moment”?


Interesting. Not noticed that one before.

I have n-track on this laptop but only for reference - I don’t use it for recording and I don’t recall loading up any 3rd party Vstis. However, I too have “daHornet” plugin, so I guess you’re right.


I’ve just looked and the dll is in the n-track plugins folder - so more evidence pointing to your theory!


It’s a nice little synth too.

I think it has always been there well before the drum vsti was introduced. Unless I’m having a lapse??

Now you mention it StuH, I may have seen it before.

Just had a play. Lotta fun, and possibly some usable sounds in there.

Had a quick look through the “What’s changed” list; no mention that I can see.

You guys are just going crazy, man.

Just kidding.


You guys are just going crazy, man.

Not again!

Isn’t it modeled on something from the Oxford Synthesizer Co fromt eh early 1980s?

Ah, yes, the Wasp, by Chris Huggett - wasn’t that it?

Spittin’ image I’d say…


yeah, I definitely didn’t download it and it’s on mine. sweet :) sure does look like that wasp.

Nice research!!! Impressed.

Actually I vaguely remember a friend of mine having one of those synths - late 70’s, early 80’s IIRC. Perhaps that’s why I thought the Vsti looked familiar. I think the Wasp was monophonic.

He had a DX7 too and it was programmable with a little built in sequencer - we thought it was fantastic.

Ahhh, nostalgia ain’t what it used to be…

The Wasp was “mostly monophonic” according to my vintage synth book. :D


"mostly monophonic"

Interesting phrase. I wonder what that means.

Hi All:
Ain’t that great… I like that…

Is it something like Bi-Noreaurial <<? I’m a phonetic << speller… :O ??? :p Well, “mostly phonetic”…

A mono - left and a mono - right?? O.K. TomS… we are being very Smart… here… :O ???


Check this out: you can get the schematics for it here:


Perhaps “mostly monophonic” refers to the common split-into-5ths trick one does with 2-oscilator synths?


edit: opps, I made a mistake, the synth referred to was the OSCar, another synth from the same company. this fellow makes the same remark:


Hi Guys:
That’s an interesting looking machine… I remember surviving that time period, when I was the service manager of the Musicstop.

In comparison, these things were worth the Earth… Every keyboard player of every stsge had to have one-or-two of these things on their stage… to go along with their normal 71 or 88 note keyboard… The trouble was, they couldn’t keep drinks outta their hands…

I remember something like. ( when they’d bring them in to get them fixed…) Well, what were you drinking when IT went DOWN…? The worst drink that caused the most damage was Rum-and-Coke… There’s something in the chemistry of that drink that no other mix creates… when IT gets into the electronics… Even when you think you have IT fixed, the combination is deadly, over time… I ended up putting notes on the assemblies to say how and when the first time IT was serviced for haveing drinks spilt into them… Remember… these keyboards were worth a fortune, way back then…


Thanks for that story, Bill! Rum and Coke - does not suprirse me in the least… :D

The female “Keys People” had their favorite drinks, as well…

Everyone knows IT as “The Panty Remover”… The feamale Entertainers would bring them in from Time-to-Time and say… Nothing gets spilt into my Keyboard… But Gin and Lime can’t be mistaken… When IT drys, IT’s real sticky… I think IT’s the sugar that causes the Damage… on Component Boards…