Coke will take the rust off your car and the lining out of your stomach. No surprise it’ll end your electronic music gig for a spell.

Quote (Mark A @ April 16 2006,02:33)
"mostly monophonic"

Interesting phrase. I wonder what that means.
If you happen to get it to play 2 notes at once count yourself lucky.... but don't expect it to be able to all the time!!!

And if it doesn't, then that isn't a fault as we told you it was mostly monophonic :)

daHornet is another offering from NuSofting (makers of DK+, the new NT drumbox), and was part of the Dash range a few years ago and was released as freeware when Dash/Dash Signature nose dived and liqih bought out the range.

You can find it listed at the bottom of this page.

It’s a good synth, I’ve had it in my arsenal for years :)


Thanks Duncan! :)

Hey, this is a good sounding little synth. Not exactly a multi-oscilator monster, but seems to me to be a good model of the Wasp. :)