"Dead" outputs on Delta 1010LT

Outputs 1-6 are functional, not others.

Good day all!

I’ve been a user of n-Track since v5 (about 1.5 years ago) with my Delta 1010LT. Since upgrading to v6 of N, I’ve noticed a rather nasty bug (presumably in nTrack) where the outputs on channels 1 through 6 are fine, but 7/8 and S/PDIF are totally silent, even though they seem to be doing their thing in N (ie. the output VU’s are working).

Has anyone else noticed this problem? I’m running XP(SP3), driver/panel version, nTrack6 build 2382.

BTW, this problem occurs when I use the ASIO driver. When using the WDM driver/devices, things work fine.


Soundcard Settings > Advanced > Make sure you have enough ASIO channels allotted in the dialog box. I don’t know what it defaults to anymore. Whatever number is there, bump it UP and remember, ASIO always operates in PAIRS so it should be an even number.



Thanks for the tip, but I had already noticed the option(s), which were set to the default of 16 channels. However, being somewhat curious I decided to change these figures to see what happens…

[Note: input channels all seem to work correctly; this problem applies only to outputs]

# of Ch


outputs 1/2 work, ie. the expected result :)

outputs 1/2 work, 3/4 becomes available but is "dead"

outputs 1/2 and 3/4 work, 5/6 becomes available but is "dead"

outputs 1/2 and 3/4 work, 5/6 and 7/8 are available but both are dead
10 outputs 1/2, 3/4, and 5/6 now work, 7/8 is still “dead”, s/pdif becomes available but is also "dead"
12+ same as 10 channels

This definitely seems like a problem in N v6. All outputs (including s/pdif) work fine in winamp, et al.

BTW, is there any real benefit to ASIO devices over WDM nowadays?



BTW, is there any real benefit to ASIO devices

I prefer ASIO. It's newer and has arguably lower latency perormance.


I prefer almost anything besides ASIO. ASIO can be incredible flaky on some systems.

There is absolutely no need for lower latency, unless you are using the Live Button to monitor THROUGH n-Tracks. If you are monitoring almost any other way you are not monitoring through n-Tracks and any latency, what ever it is, usually will not be a factor.

That said, if you DO monitor through n-Tracks then ASIO is just about the only way to go. For example, if you are monitoring through n-Tracks to hear the effects you will also be dealing with any and all plug-in latency, so any additional latency, such as what is added by the drivers, only makes it worse.

I should have been a bit more clear. Phoo kind of pointed out the rest. IF you are using your DAW as a “tape deck” and don’t need any software FX or virtual instrument monitoring, yeah… use whatever works.


Another thing concerning latency;

Bear in mind I have not toyed with V6 in any significant amount and won’t because it’s gone… :p A MAJOR annoyance of V5 besides the clicking popping and farting at low latency settings AT mix time NOT record time was setting the latency higher and higher to get clean playback resulted in slow responding meters and controls. If you tried to “ride” a volume fader with record automation enabled, everything move you made was LATE. Also happenend (happens?) with WDM drivers…

Maybe it’s fixed… I dunno. Just something to be aware of…