"Dump ntrack settings" option?

Does it exist? Good feature?

I am using Build 2039 right now. I’m wondering if ntrack has a “Dump ntrack settings” option to dump the current config of ntrack into a text file so you can send it to someone for their review? That way people could be on different builds and easily look over other peoples settings. It could even be dumped into this form so responders and requestors wouldn’t have to go through a litany of “how do you have this and that set?” type questions…

could you not just save your settings, and send someone the config file you have in your ntrack folder? obviously not the best, but still, everyone has different soundcards and such anyways, so transferring configurations will still need some work

In n-trk load a .sng file, go to the Edit menu and select Song Information. The following is an example of what is displayed.

n-Track Studio 24 bit - Version 4.1.5 (12/01/2006)
Build 2037

1 tracks

Track 1:0: C:\Documents and Settings\HP_Owner\My Documents\NTrack Projects\Puzzled\build2037 Sonic Test\Tone Port
ew rhythm guit song edit_96000.wav
Offset = 0 - Length = 26958427 - Start = 0
Sampling freq: 96000 - Bits: 24 - Channels: 1 - Length: 26958427
Expand mono tracks to stereo: no
Volume: +0.0
Pan: 0
EQ 1: freq: 100, boost: +0.00, bandwidth 1.50, type 3
EQ 2: freq: 2500, boost: +0.00, bandwidth 1.50, type 2
EQ 3: freq: 6000, boost: +0.00, bandwidth 1.50, type 1

Master channel #1 effects
Master channel #1 effects

Hi guys,
Thanks for the replies.

Chris, that’s a good start but I’m talking in-depth, like the settings on all the different checkboxes, et cetera.

And guitars69, I agree you could do what you suggest as well… I wonder how that would work across differing versions?

What I’d like to see is an option in n-track to export all settings in something similar to an XML format or a CSV file. If Flavio did that, then I (or someone) could write a “compare” utility people could use to say "here is what is different between your setup and mine."


Config files are machine and soundcard specific. Sharing them is asking for problems. You’ve much better of sharing just song files.

I’m not talking about sharing them, I’m talking about documenting them for your own edification in the future when something goes wrong and so someone else can easily view your settings. I don’t see why that presents any kind of a security or technological concern?

Gotcha…that makes sense. There are definitely some settings that would fall in that category for sure. I was thinking more along the lines of soundcard specific stuff that wouldn’t translate from machine to machine.

Yup… Everytime you install a new build and revert to the default settings, you have to go back and re-tweak everything… Would be nice to be able to have a print-out or something that tells you what boxes you have checked, etc… With a new build coming out every day or so, this would come in handy.