"Error accessing wave file: chunk contains no data

Hey all,

I have a Gadget Labs 8/24 installed on my machine running Windows 2000 Professional. I managed to successfully complete the installation - everything appears to be working fine. My computer sees it, has no problem with it, the Gadget Labs icon is in the task bar, the driver has no conflicts, the actual hardware 8/24 box lights up and seems to work fine (and is in mint condition) - everything seems to be in its right place.

However, when I hit ‘record’ in N-Track v2.2 with simply ‘Channel 1/2 in Wave/824’ selected for ‘Wave Input Devices,’ I get the following error:

"Error accessing wave file: chunk contains no data."

It will start recording, but even when I have some form of balanced audio plugged into the channel 1 on the 824, I don’t see any activity on the software’s recording VU meter. Any ideas?

“Error accessing wave file: chunk contains no data.” ???

Update: I tried fiddling around with settings in the Control Panel - no luck. Any ideas?

Quote (Lobsterkins @ Feb. 04 2005,19:46)
However, when I hit 'record' in N-Track v2.2 with simply
'Channel 1/2 in Wave/824' selected for 'Wave Input Devices,' I get the following error:

That language suggests that you have it set for two sets of inputs.
Maybe you should re'check the settings in ntrack's prefrences; "audio devices section", since your getting zelch on your recording VU. Thought; (if you have poor eye site) when I first set up ntrack I assumed that the selection of audio devices from the left side of ntracks audio devices dialog box was the choices for input and those on the right side for output. Like reading from left to right.

You can also get a "cunk contains no data" error even when you have a signal, though rair it's happened to me.


I tried what you suggested, but I’m still getting the same error. :confused:

Have you defragged your drive recently?

I had a problem a few months back. After I defragged my music drive I found empty (i.e. no audio) in some of my tracks when I opened previous projects for mixing or modifying. I never found the reason for it. I had to re-do some of my tracks.



Have you checked out the Gadget Labs user group on Yahoo?

That’s probably the best place to find GL solutions. By the way, what drivers are you using on Win 2k? There never were “official” Win 2k drivers, but this Mostek guy has apparently created drivers for it and finally for XP too.

Gadget Labs made great interfaces, but the drivers were never 100%. I hope to resurrect mine in a portable Win98 rig some year.