"Error creating toolbar"

Can any one help?

I don’t know whether anyone has experienced this before but when I open n-track i get a window come up saying “Error creating toolbar”. After it comes up i click ok and n-track opens but with some problems. The toolbar required for playing songs, recording and just about everything else, is there but every button is blank. So to anyone who knows anything about this, your help would assist me in getting back on the road to making some more rock’n’roll. Thankyou.

Did you try an un-install, reinstall?


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thanks for replying. how do i go about uninstall, reinstall cause i didn’t keep a copy of my code?

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A normal uninstall/reinstall (uninstall through “Add/remove programs” in the Windows Control Panel, then reinstall to the same directory) doesn’t require you to re-enter your codes, because the codes are kept in the registry (and possibly a configuration file). BTW, I’ve only done this with version 4.xx, and I think 3.3 was the same, so I can’t say how earlier versions will work. Also, when it asks you if you want to keep the old configuration file, I’d recommend saying “No” just to start somewhat clean.

However, the problem of “no codes” still remains; if you can’t find a copy of your codes, you may want to contact Flavio anyway (through the feedback form) with all the necessary info to get them again in case you end up reinstalling Windows or something.


In some situations (I’ve had it happen in windows 2000 Ntrack 3.3) saying No to the config Will Remove the Serial Number stored on the computer. With 3.3. (maybe 4?) The files *.cfg hold the information - they are in the Ntrack folder. back them up first and try a reinstall and accept the Old config - that should work.
Best bet, get the codes from Ntrack. If you paid for the license it should be no problem.

You can retrieve your codes from the Windows registry.


email Flavio with your purchase info and he’ll get ya sorted.

thanks for the help everyone i apreciate it.