"Error loading song"


I have a bit of a problem with N-Track. I updated version 4.0.3 build 1715 to 1722. Opened a project, worked on it for a while - and then N-Track crashed. That has happened to some extent with version 4.x, but this build crashes so often that it’s impossible to use. So, is there anywhere I could get an older build? 1715 worked fine.

Furthermore, when I tried to open the crashed project, N-Track loaded a couple of tracks and then notified it has an “Error loading song”. Same thing with the back-up. Is there anyway I could get the file open? The wav-files themselves are okay, but the project was nearly finished and a lot work has to be done again if the .sng-file is permanently lost.

Build 1723 has just been posted. Let’s hope that one fixes it. I have exactly the same problem. I had to go back to 1715 as well. Let me know if 1723 doesn’t fix it for you and I’ll get 1715 to you.