"error opening midi in device" - Help!

i have no clue what to do

Ive been using N-Track for about four years, recording various solo projects and songs just for fun. I do NOT have a very strong knowledge of computers, but ive never had this problem before.

I’m recording a couple multi-track songs, and everything was going alright until i tried to record another track and a window popped up and said “error opening MIDI In device.” No matter what i plug into the computer input i get this message, and nothing will record. Ive restarted my computer, and i’m worried that if i uninstall/reinstall the program i might lose all the files. Please let me know what to do!



go to the MIDI page in prefs, untick anything that is showing as a MIDI input and set MIDI out to Msoft synth - it is unlikely that you will lose any files if you have to reload N as the song folder is (or should be) seperate fron Ns main folder - re-installing N automatically uninstalls the resident version - it is better to let N uninstall itself than letting windows do it _

Dr J