"Error opening MIDI in device"

Error message will not go away

After unsuccessfully trying to establish a click track by recording the click to a wave file by way of MIDI, I now get the message “Error opening MIDI in device” at program start up and at the start of trying to record only an audio track in a new project. Rebooting does no good and I even reset n-track to where it was before the click track attempt. I would appreciate any help you may give.



Sounds like you may have a midi device selected in Preferences that is not available… try unselecting whever you have selected in the midi devices section.

OR… if you have n-Track set to open the same song on start up you could have the midi track routed to a midi device that is not able to be found and you may need to route elsewhere…


Also you may have MIDI enabled for recording.

There’s an icon to the right of the white pointer arrow on the top row of the toolbar (if you are using the default). It probably looks like a keyboard and microphone. If you click it it should change to a keyboard (MIDI only), a mic (audio only) and a keyboard & mic (both) on successive clicks. If Rich’s solution doesn’t work set it to audio only and your problem should go away.

Thanks for your suggestions. I had to undo the “Connect input to output” in the Preferences/midi. Also n-track starts up a new project using the same recording mode from the last file opened. It would be nice to have some defaults for a new project.