"I'm a Lima Bean"

My first N-Track Song

I know it’s a little rough around the edges, but I’d love to hear what people think about this recording… All done with N-Track and stock plug ins, recorded with a cheapo from my daughter’s karaoke machine… :)

Also, it’s in RealPlayer format because I pulled it off my PalmPilot to post it here-- I’ll upload the MP3 when I get home.

"Lima Bean"



Well I could say that you are certainly “green” ole bean!
Actually, the recording was quite clean! I appreciate the fact that you want good constructive feedback. I think you really have a great opportunity to reach out to young people. Continue to work at your instrumentation and have fun!

Bruce Niemchick

lmao , good stuff! Obviously I wasn’t expecting this and it’s like 1 am and I’m a bit out there… funny stuff. Good for kids , for sure. lol…


Not sure about the brussel sprouts! :D


THanks for the feedback, folks! Glad you like my first foray into this recording obsession…

I’ve been working on a more polished version of the tune You can listen to the latest rough mix here:

Would love your feedback on a couple of technical items:
1) How can I make the vocals a little “warmer” (and yes, I know that I need to work through some performance issues…I’ll probably re-record all the “singing.” :D The lead vocal has the n-track multiband comp on it, with the “vocal” preset.

2) Compression – I’ve got n-track compressors running on each track (minus drums and vocals) with essentially identical settings (“compression” preset). Would I be better off with the compressor running on an aux channel?

Thanks again for listening!

Hey - this is a very fun track! Congratulations!! Great groove, BTW… :D

You could probably get away with a lot more backing vocals - consider three or more tracks if you are preparing to redo the vocal tracks anyway. This is my personal opinion, of course.

Regarding the singing: You could try reducing the upper midrange (1500 Hz - 4 kHz) a bit in order to get a more “warm” vocal sound. Also try double-tracking the vocal in places. (sing the excact same melody lines - no harmonies.) Also try experimenting with close miking the vocal and rolling off the bass frequencies a bit. This does put an extra demand on the quality of the microphone, of course. Try to see how close your microphone will allow you to go before it starts to sound “boomy”.

Your use of compression is pretty much the standard recommended way to do it. If you had put compressor on the master channel instead you would be surprised at how much the bass line would make everything “pump” all the time. Not a very pleasant listening experience. Try it out sometime and see what I mean.

I don’t think you need it, but something you could add as the finishing touch is a mastering limiter. Do this only when you are otherwise completely satisfied with the mix. A great VST one is found at KjaerhusAudio. (it’s free!) Put it on the master channel and get familiar with its sound and functions. (leave the default settings on the plugin as they are…)

Keep n-trackin’!

regards, Nils

Thanks for the feedback and tips! I’ll try all of the above and will post a new version for your comments…


Thanks for the great advice – see what you think of this:

“I’m a Lima Bean” (Mixdown #5)

It’s got 5 (!) all-new vocal tracks now, and new EQ and compression settings, plus I applied a master limiter on the final mix. Thanks to your recommendation, I’ve switched everything over to the Kjaerhus Audio “Classic” series plugins – they are really amazing, and you can’t beat the price! The compressor, with its wealth of presets, really worked wonders, particularly on the bass.

It’s remarkable how much I’ve learned in the course of recoring and mixing this one song. Yesterday, I even figured out how to set up an Aux channel (used one to put EQ and reverb on all the backing vocals at once).

Thanks again to everyone for your encouragement.


Hi PapaRomeo!

Sorry for my reply being a little late - busy with life, the day job, and everything. (preparing my little ensemble and myself for a christmas concerto)

This is very, very enjoyable! (Imagine Yours Truly jumping in his seat to the music) :D

Note how the vocals stand out much more now (do an A-B comparison with your first mixes) You don’t have to make any significant effort anymore in order to understand the words - everything is much more intelligible now. (Fun lyrics, BTW)

The groove of the song is even more pronounced now, which I think is a good thing. I also like your choice with the EQ and general balancing of the track. This is always a matter of taste, and no “perfect” or even “optimum” solution exists. When it works - go for it! When it doesn’t - keep at it.

I’m glad you’ve learnt a lot from going over the track again. Use it whenever you can to make more music. All the technical stuff with mastering limiters and what-have-you may get very serious and boring at times, but at the end of the day, music is about joy and having fun.

I, for one, am happy to be living in a time where music of all sorts may be played - and shared - throughout the World.

Keep on n-Trackin’!!

regards, Nils

Thanks again for the encouragement, Nils.
Stay tuned for my next tune – “The Ballad of Mealy Worm”


Everything sounds great to me, except the vocals sound too loud. I believe they could be smoothed out with more reverb. Experiment with the attack and release settings on the compressor.

Compare your mix to that of your favorite commercial recordings.

Did you use any eq on the lead vocal?

Hey PapaRomeo,

Great track, so cheerful and, as has been said already, what a lovely groove; I’m still smiling at the memory of it, very nice.

My only hopefully helpful comment would be that the backing vocalist sounds like he’s standing directly behind the lead vocalist. Well that was how it sounded on headphones. Something I try with my wife’s bv’s is to clone her wave file, treat each one slightly differently and pan them out either side of my lead.

Anyway I’m looking forward to the "ballad of the mealy worm"



Sorry to be slow in responding… I thought I was tracking the topic, but for some reason I stopped getting e-mails about new posts.

Kenny: I agree about the vocals being too “out front”. ON the mix below, I think they are a little better integrated – let me know if you agree…
Mike: Good observation. I’ll play with the panning to see if I can spread out the vocalists (actually, they’re all me…) side-to-side a little bit.

In the meantime, here’s another mix (pretty close to final):

It’s kinda interesting that no one has flagged the nasty clipping on the lead vocal in the very last line. I played with levels to try and make lemonade out of that one, and make it seem like I did it on purpose.

As for “Mealy Worm” – that’s my project for this weekend. Have to do all the vocal tracks (at least two, maybe three) and add some electric guitar work, too. Can’t wait!! :D

erm… everyone seems to be able to listen to song but me?..error says windows does not support the format (somthin like that). WUT DO I NEED TO DO??



Did you try right-clicking the link above and choosing “Save target as…”?

Here’s the link to the latest version:

What program do you use to play MP3s?